What is Total Droplet Control (TDC)?

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Nomix Total Droplet Control (TDC) is a unique low-volume herbicide application system, combining pre-mixed, highly-effective herbicides with easy-to-use, targeted application.

The ready-to-use herbicide packs connect directly to the applicator, eliminating any risk to the operator from mixing chemicals and protecting the environment by avoiding spillages.

TDC oil-emulsion formulations stick to the leaf and easily penetrate the waxy surface, allowing the active ingredients to move within the plant to deliver highly effective control of weeds.

TDC delivers a constant, uniform droplet size and spray pattern, significantly reducing run-off and virtually eliminating spray drift. This makes TDC safer for operators, bystanders, animals, the environment, water courses and surrounding desired vegetation.

Nomix TDC herbicides are white in colour to allow the operator to see where it has been applied and avoid overdosing.


Key Benefits of Nomix TDC


NomixCheckReduced glyphosate usage

Using the Nomix system, a reduction in glyphosate usage of up to 70% can be achieved annually when compared to conventional glyphosate application. Nomix herbicides require far less glyphosate to be effective than their competitors and the use of our residual herbicide, Nomix Dual, further reduces the number of applications needed.


NomixCheckNo water required

The UK is facing huge challenges in ensuring enough water for its population in the coming years.

The situation is made worse by climate change with hotter, drier summers becoming more frequent. By 2040, the UK is expected to have a water deficit with insufficient supplies to meet its needs.

Conventional herbicides, along with many non-herbicide approaches to weed control, require huge volumes of fresh water. Many thousands of litres are applied to streets and paths, often during periods of the year when supplies are most stretched.

Walked weed control using Nomix TDC requires no water at point of application. All products are low-volume and ready to use, protecting a precious and diminishing natural resource.


NomixCheckZero NOx Emissions

Poor air quality is the UK’s largest environmental risk to public health. The UK Government considers man-made air pollution to be responsible for up to 36,000 deaths annually.

Nitrogen dioxide emissions, along with diesel particulates, are particularly associated with excessive use of fossil fuels, predominantly in urban areas.

Some weed control methods, including non-herbicide approaches, are extremely reliant on the use of diesel or petrol engines and generators, increasing emissions in already polluted environments.

Walked weed control using Nomix TDC eliminates emissions at point of application. This protects the health of residents and operators, as well as the wider environment.


NomixCheckReduced risk of exposure for operators

An operator’s risk of exposure when using TDC is nine times less than when using a conventional knapsack.


NomixCheckSafer for people, animals and the environment

The Nomix TDC system ensures targeted application, with virtually no spray drift or run-off and no breathable droplets.


NomixCheckCovers 20x the area

One 5-litre backpack of Nomix TDC herbicide will, on average, cover around 20x the area of five litres of conventional mixed glyphosate as applied through a knapsack.


NomixCheckReduced operator fatigue

A Nomix TDC 5-litre backpack weighs 75% less than a 20-litre knapsack.


NomixCheckVirtually no downtime

Nomix TDC is pre-mixed and ready to use, which means virtually no operator downtime when compared to the use of a conventional knapsack.


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