Driftmaster (5 litre pack size)

£36.90 (exc. VAT: £30.75)

Driftmaster acts as a hard water conditioner that prevents the active ingredient(s) of herbicides from being ‘locked-up’, thereby maximising herbicide efficacy.

Hard water issues

Many herbicides (e.g. glyphosate) lose activity when applied in hard water. This is because minerals in hard water, such as calcium and magnesium, attach themselves to the pesticide molecules and stop them from dissolving. This means plants are then unable to take up the pesticide.

Anywhere from between 5-50% of an applied pesticide can become ineffective when this happens, meaning up to half of the product you’re applying may be going to waste and up to 20% of the active ingredient.

Driftmaster prevents these losses by preventing these minerals from attaching to the pesticide molecules.

Drift issues

Spray drift resulting from conventional applicators is a concern for amenity herbicide users.

Driftmaster has been demonstrated in independent trials to reduce spray drift by 65-70%. This results in reduced risk to non-target areas, as well enhanced safety for operators and bystanders.

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Driftmaster also offers a range of additional features:

  • pH buffer – many herbicides perform best in a slightly acidic environment
  • Anti-foam – products tend to foam in softer water
  • Spreader – to stop bounce of larger droplets when they hit the target
  • Humectant – ensures that the herbicide stays in solution on the target long enough to be taken up
  • Water-proofer.

Application rates

  • 0.5% to 1.0% water volume (0.5 litre – 1.0 litres per 100 litres water)
  • Always add to water in tank before pesticide.