Nomix Genesis

Nomix Genesis is a vehicle-mounted Total Droplet Control (TDC) herbicide application system, which can be fitted to virtually any type of vehicle, including ATVs and mini-tractors. It is the ideal solution for targeted weed control on footpaths and other hard surfaces, giving you complete peace of mind that you are compliant with weed control legislation.

The Nomix Genesis is:

  • Cost-effective – the labour cost associated with vehicle-mounted application is lower than alternative walking weed control methods
  • Compliant – the Nomix Genesis offers safe and targeted application on hard surfaces that is compliant with legislation and best practice procedures
  • Simple to use – the controls are easy and intuitive with an adjustable spray width for each arm
  • Versatile – a unique mounting system enables easy disconnection from the vehicle
  • Easy to maintain – the modular design allows for easy repair and maintenance.

To view our range of TDC herbicides for use with this applicator, see Dual, Hilite and Nomix Conqueror Amenity.


Nomix Genesis is our TDC application system designed to be fitted to quad bikes and similar vehicles. With up to four spray arms, it is extremely versatile. The spray width and pump rates are electronically controlled via the easy to use control box mounted at the front of the vehicle. There are pause buttons for each spray arm on the handle bars, so the operator remains in full control of the vehicle at all times.

Nomix Genesis allows targeted application on hard surfaces, which is compliant with legislation and best practice. The system is sealed, eliminating any risk to the operator from contact with the herbicide. As there is no mixing of herbicides required with the Nomix Genesis, there is no risk of spillages causing environmental contamination.

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