Quartz (5 litre pack size)

£47.40 (exc. VAT: £39.50)

UK approved adjuvant no. A0898

Quartz improves herbicide coverage and uptake, resulting in enhanced performance, particularly on difficult to control species.

Quartz is a herbicide adjuvant, offering greatly enhanced efficacy when treating waxy, woody and invasive weed species. Its unique formulation moves herbicide across both the surface (epidermal) and sub-cuticular wax layers.


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The benefits of this are:

  • Up to 45% better herbicide coverage of the target plant
  • Increased, faster herbicide uptake
  • Up to 50% better penetration through the target plant’s protective wax layers
  • Improved uptake and movement of the herbicide to its site of action
  • Improved spray retention.

The performance of translocated herbicides is optimised through the use of Quartz.

This is particularly evident when treating very difficult to kill species, including Japanese knotweed, ivy and rosebay willow herb.

Application Instructions

Use at 1.0% water volume, i.e. one litre of Quartz per 100 litres of water.