Total Droplet Control – The benefits

Our Total Droplet Control systems offer a world of environmental, financial, and individual benefits to local authorities, industrial and amenity users.

The benefits

From the significant glyphosate reduction to the improved operator safety and ease of use, our Total Droplet Control systems offer a world of environmental, financial and individual benefits to local authorities as well as industrial and amenity users.

Reduction in glyphosate

A decrease in glyphosate usage can be expected, with significant reductions of up to 70% achievable annually based on a highly optimised spray programme.

20x increase in coverage area

One 5-litre backpack of Nomix TDC herbicide will, on average, cover around 20x the area of 5 litres of conventional mixed glyphosate, as applied through a knapsack.

Zero NOx emissions

Walked weed control using Nomix TDC eliminates emissions at point of application, protecting the health of residents, operators and the wider environment.

No water required

Nomix TDC requires no water at point of application. All products are low-volume and ready to use, protecting a precious and diminishing natural resource.

9x less operator exposure risk

An operator’s risk of exposure when using TDC is 9 times less likely than when using a conventional knapsack.

Reduced operator fatigue

A Nomix TDC 5-litre backpack weighs 75% less than a 20-litre knapsack, with no re-filling trips required.

Safer for the environment

The Nomix TDC system ensures targeted application, with virtually no spray drift or run-off and no breathable droplets.

Virtually no downtime

Nomix TDC is pre-mixed and ready to use, which means virtually no operator downtime when compared to using a conventional knapsack.

Long-lasting weed control

Nomix Dual is the only residual herbicide approved for use on hard surfaces and requires fewer applications than glyphosate alone.

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