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The benefits of choosing our Total Droplet Control herbicides

  • Ready to use. Our total weed control herbicides are ready to use, eliminating any risk to the operator from mixing chemicals and protecting the environment by avoiding spillages.
  • Quick working. The technologically advanced formulations help the droplets stick to the leaf and penetrate the waxy surface. This helps the herbicide to start working quickly, enhancing rain-fastness.
  • Non-hazardous when used correctly. Nomix TDC herbicides are non-hazardous to operators, wildlife and pets, making them a safer solution to weed control.

Total weed control is effective in controlling actively growing weeds. To prevent new weeds from germinating, take a look at our residual weed control products for longer-lasting results.

For further information on our total weed control products or any of our products and services, please call our Technical Helpline on 08000 324 352 or email