Welcome to Nomix

Nomix Enviro Ltd is one of the UK's leading suppliers of weed control products and technical support services for amenity and industrial weed control.


With over 100 years’ industry experience between them, our team of BASIS qualified advisors ensures you receive expert advice you can trust. Our dedicated customer service team underpins our reputation for excellence in delivery and after-sales support.

The benefits of our products:

  • More environmentally-friendly than traditional alternatives
  • Require no water at point of application
  • A Nomix TDC applicator is extremely lightweight and versatile.

In addition to the excellent range of high-quality products we supply, we also offer qualified technical advice, TDC applicator servicing, operator training and more. Explore our product and services pages to find out more about how Nomix can help you safely and easily implement weed control.

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Glyphosate on streets: how Nomix can help to reduce usage by 70%

What is glyphosate? Glyphosate is a chemical compound that works as a highly effective herbicide – on both broadleaf plants and grasses. Herbicides containing glyphosate can be used in many different environments, including commercial farms, amenity areas and private gardens. Making herbicides with glyphosate has been a popular weed control choice for many years. Reducing...

How Nomix can help you reach net-zero

Tackling climate change is top of the agenda for countries around the world – and rightly so – with the aspiration of achieving net-zero status becoming the pinnacle of environmental responsibility for many. The UK has already announced its target of achieving net-zero by 2050, but meeting this goal requires seamless collaboration, with holistic changes...

How to tackle street and road weeds

We all know that weeds can grow and reproduce rapidly, especially if the weather is warm and damp. If they’re not kept under control, weeds can quickly wreak havoc in local amenity areas and create all sorts of challenges for councils and highways authorities. Why are street and road weeds a problem? Weeds are a...

Six Tips for Effective Weed Control in Your City

If you’re responsible for weed control in urban areas like towns and cities, then you’ll already be familiar with the ongoing challenges involved. Aside from the negative aesthetic impact of many weeds, they can also become a danger to the public, causing cracks in paving or creating unexpected trip hazards. The results can be expensive...