Nomix Blue Dye (1 litre pack size)

£24.54 (exc. VAT: £20.45)

Nomix Blue Dye is a dye which is mixed with herbicides to identify areas that have already been sprayed.

Half fill the knapsack with water, add the measured amount of Nomix blue dye and agitate. Then add the correct amount of herbicide and fill the knapsack with the required level of water.

  • Enables accurate application – easy to see the areas that have been sprayed
  • Non-permanent colour – colour fades away in sunlight
  • Naturally disperses – the dye naturally disperses when it rains.


Nomix Blue Dye is a coloured dye for mixing with conventional herbicides in a knapsack to enable the operator to identify the areas that have been sprayed. It is supplied in one litre.

Application Rates

Application Rate Knapsack Dilution Rate
200 - 500ml of Nomix Blue Dye per 200 litres of water10 - 25ml in 10 litres of water
*Based on 200 litres per hectare water volume.