Chikara (50g pot)

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MAPP 14189 / PCS 04203

Chikara is a water-dispersible granule, applied using a knapsack or vehicle-mounted conventional sprayer. It is supplied in 50-gram pots.

  • Residual action – long-lasting non-selective weed control on soft surfaces.
  • Effective control – controls pre-emerged broad-leaved weeds, annual and perennial grasses.
  • Versatile – can be mixed with an approved 360g/l glyphosate to give post-emergent control.
  • Ideal for use in industrial, rail, and other amenity situations.

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Chikara is a water dispersible-granule, applied using a knapsack sprayer. It is supplied in 50 gram pots.

Application Rates

Area of UseApplication RateKnapsack Dilution Rate
Natural surfaces not intended to bear vegetation, amenity vegetation, permeable surfaces overlying soil and railway ballast150 grams per hectare7.5 grams in 10 litres of water*
Chikara is a registered trademark of Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha Ltd (ISK), Japan.

Active Ingredients

Chikara contains 25% w/w Flazasulfuron.