Nomix Dual


MAPP 18351 / PCS03080

The only residual herbicide approved for use on both hard and soft surfaces.

Nomix Dual is a long-lasting, non-irritant TDC herbicide. Using Nomix Dual means fewer applications are needed, reducing glyphosate usage by up to 70% and reducing costs.

On hard surfaces, Nomix Dual can be applied to visible weeds and to areas of potential weed growth, including the back pavement edge, kerb, gulley (do not overspray drains), around paving stones, gaps/cracks in the pavement and around obstacles.

For soft surfaces, Nomix Dual can be applied to any natural surface that is not intended to bear vegetation, permeable surfaces overlying soil and around amenity vegetation, including shrub beds, tree bases and gravelled areas.

Nomix Dual contains a lower dosage of glyphosate compared to conventional herbicides.


Nomix Dual is a non-irritant, Total Droplet Control (TDC) formulation. There is no mixing with Nomix Dual, as it is ready to use. It is available in either a 5-litre box for use with the Frontline Classic or a 750ml cartridge for use with the Frontline Compact.

TDC is a sealed system, eliminating any risk to the operator from contact with the herbicide. As there is no mixing of herbicides required, there is no risk of spillages causing environmental contamination.

TDC is a low-volume system that virtually eliminates spray drift and run-off, making it safer for operators, bystanders, animals and the environment.

Active Ingredients

Nomix Dual contains 162g/l (16.8% w/w) isopropylamine salt of glyphosate (equivalent to 120g/l glyphosate), plus 2.22g/l (0.23% w/w) sulfosulfuron.