Nomix Hilite


MAPP 18352 / PCS 02455

Nomix Hilite is a technically-advanced, non-irritant TDC herbicide which is rain-fast within one hour of application. It contains a lower dosage of glyphosate than conventional herbicides.

Hilite controls broad-leaved weeds, along with annual and perennial grasses in amenity and industrial areas, including parks, highways, paved areas and factory sites. It is also effective for clearing vegetation prior to planting, around tree bases, around ornamental species, shrubs and roses, as well as in forestry situations.

Nomix Hilite is available in 750ml cartridges and 5-litre packs.


Nomix Hilite is a non-irritant, Total Droplet Control (TDC) formulation. There is no mixing with Nomix Hilite, as it is ready to use. It is available in either a 5-litre box for use with the Frontline Classic or a 750ml cartridge for use with the Frontline Compact.

TDC is a sealed system, eliminating any risk to the operator from contact with the herbicide. As there is no mixing of herbicides required, there is no risk of spillages causing environmental contamination.

TDC is a low-volume system that virtually eliminates spray drift and run-off, making it safer for operators, bystanders, animals and the environment.


Active Ingredients

Nomix Hilite contains 194g/l (20.1%w/w) isopropylamine salt of glyphosate (equivalent to 144g/l glyphosate).