Katoun® Gold (5 litre pack size)

£183.00 (exc. VAT: £152.50)

MAPP 17879/ PCS 05512

KATOUN® GOLD is a contact herbicide for use on amenity vegetation that can be applied using either a knapsack or as part of a vehicle-mounted system.

  • Naturally-occuring active ingredients – Katoun® Gold contains pelargonic acid, which is a naturally occurring element in plants and quickly degrades into natural elements
  • Fast-acting – the effects of Katoun® Gold can be seen in as little as two hours after application
  • Low application rate – at only 22.5 litres per hectare, Katoun® Gold offers an exceptionally low application rate.

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Application Rates

Rate per hectare Water per hectare Rate per 100m2 Water per 100m2
Amenity vegetation (bare soil around trees and woody shrubs).22.5 litres200-500 litres225 ml2.25 litres
*Based on 200 litres per hectare water volume.