Nomix Stem Master

£450.00 (exc. VAT: £375.00)

The Nomix Stem Master delivers targeted application to control invasive weeds, particularly Japanese knotweed. It delivers an exact dose of herbicide directly into the stem of the plant.

  • Supplied with two interchangeable needles to ensure versatility
  • Targeted application ensures no run-off into water and no damage to surrounding vegetation
  • Simple twist dial calibration
  • No need to mix herbicides with water, saving operators preparation time
  • Supplied in a robust, hard carry case.


The Nomix Stem Master is designed for precision herbicide application to control invasive weed species. It delivers a precise herbicide dose into the stem of the weed. The herbicide is quickly absorbed by the plant and is translocated through the roots, giving effective control of notoriously difficult weeds such as Japanese knotweed and Giant hogweed.

The Nomix Stem Master should always be used with herbicides with a specific approval for this type of application on the label.

* Additional needles sold separately

Stem Master Japanese Knotweed Needle
Stem Master Giant Hogweed Needle