How Nomix can help you reach net-zero

Tackling climate change is top of the agenda for countries around the world – and rightly so – with the aspiration of achieving net-zero status becoming the pinnacle of environmental responsibility for many. The UK has already announced its target of achieving net-zero by 2050, but meeting this goal requires seamless collaboration, with holistic changes required in many different areas, including weed control and management.

What does net-zero mean?

Environmental awareness is at the forefront of people’s minds, with the term net-zero finding its way into the everyday vocabulary of many businesses and local authorities. But what does it mean? Reaching net-zero refers to the balance between the amount of greenhouse gases produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere… achieving a harmonious balance. 

Why is being net-zero important?

Becoming net-zero is one of the best ways we can tackle climate change, by helping to reduce global warming. The next decade is crucial for reducing emissions and cutting the carbon we produce to improve the world for the generations of today and tomorrow.

With the UK setting the target of becoming net-zero by 2050, it’s important for local authorities, companies and businesses to start making meaningful changes today. This includes the way we all perform maintenance operations, including urban weed control. We’re proud to say that Nomix has been pioneering environmentally responsible weed control techniques for many years.

How can traditional weed control affect the environment?

Many traditional herbicide spraying operations rely on vehicle-based applicators, which can consume significant volumes of fossil fuel and freshwater during the application process. This results in unnecessary pollutants being released into the earth’s atmosphere, with significant volumes of water being used unnecessarily.

Even without the use of herbicides, other non-herbicide alternatives can also be very resource-intensive, for example, they may require diesel generators, natural gas canisters, or use large vehicles that generate significant emissions, whilst relying on large volumes of water.

Not only do these methods pose a risk to the environment, they can also pose a risk to urban air quality, which has been proven as a major contributor to respiratory diseases and other illnesses.

How can Nomix Total Droplet Control help local authorities to reach net-zero?

When it comes to environmentally responsible weed control, we believe our TDC technology sets a proven industry benchmark. Nomix Total Droplet Control hand-held applicators cause no emissions at the point of application, as they don’t require vehicles or machinery and use clean battery technology.

The Nomix TDC application method is highly targeted and low volume, with an outstanding environmental profile. It requires no product mixing which means no freshwater is used to apply to weeds, so no excessive water usage or wastage. Therefore, using Nomix TDC can help amenity users achieve net-zero, without compromising on the quality and longevity of weed control and whilst also helping you to optimise budgets.