Glyphosate on streets: how Nomix can help to reduce usage by 70%

What is glyphosate?

Glyphosate is a chemical compound that works as a highly effective herbicide – on both broadleaf plants and grasses. Herbicides containing glyphosate can be used in many different environments, including commercial farms, amenity areas and private gardens. Making herbicides with glyphosate has been a popular weed control choice for many years.

Reducing glyphosate in streets and amenity areas

Many local authorities are looking to reduce their glyphosate use in amenity areas, with aspirations to decrease the volume applied to streets, pavements, and paths. Even though there are alternatives to using glyphosate, these alternatives are often expensive, less effective and have environmental and safety drawbacks of their own. Local authorities often have tight budgets and limited resources, so choosing to reduce the amount of glyphosate used is often the best solution for both environmental and financial reasons – whilst still providing highly effective weed control.

How Nomix Total Droplet Control can help reduce glyphosate usage on streets

Nomix Total Droplet Control can help local authorities reduce their glyphosate use by up to 70% – while still controlling weeds and being in line with budgets. Nomix herbicides require less glyphosate to be effective than alternative products on the market. And using our residual herbicide, Nomix Dual, can help to further reduce the number of applications needed.

Nomix Dual is the only residual (long-lasting) herbicide approved for use on hard surface areas, like streets, pavements and roads. If Nomix Dual is applied in spring or early summer, it reduces the need for further applications using glyphosate. So, not only is the amount of glyphosate used reduced overall, but operational costs are minimised too.

If two annual sprays with a conventional glyphosate herbicide are replaced with one mid-season application of Nomix Dual, the glyphosate applied during a full year is reduced by 70%. Then when combined with an integrated approach to weed control, like regular sweeping to remove detritus – a clean and tidy street scene can be maintained.

Not only does the Nomix TDC system help to reduce glyphosate usage, it also offers a range of other safety and environmental benefits, including no emissions at the point of application, and a highly targeted approach to applying herbicide. You can discover more of the benefits of our industry-leading Total Droplet Control systems by clicking here.

Spray 1 Spring/ SummerSpray 2 AutumnTOTAL
Conventional Application360g/l Glyphosate 5ltr/ha. = 1800g/ ha.360g/l Glyphosate 5ltr/ha. = 1800g/ ha.3600g/ ha Glyphosate applied
Nomix TDCNomix Dual (120g/l glyphosate) 9ltr/ha. = 1080g/ haNo spray required1080g/ ha Glyphosate applied

70% reduction in glyphosate applied through spray programme

Application cycles reduced from 2 to 1