Water Saving Week: The benefits of Total Droplet Control

Hosted from 15th to 19th May, Water Saving-Week is an annual event promoting awareness of water-related concerns.

The week-long campaign aims to raise awareness about the importance of reducing water waste to manage climate change, maintain a healthy environment and support local communities.

Throughout the week, individuals are encouraged to learn more about the benefits of water-efficiency, consider how they use water, and identify how they can use less of it.

The importance of reducing water usage

Reducing water usage is so important due to water stress continuing to be a significant concern for the UK. Water stress occurs when demand exceeds the available supply.

According to The Environment Agency, seven English regions could face severe water stress by 2030, spreading to almost the entire south and midlands by 2040.

The Environment Agency has also estimated that summer rainfall is expected to decrease by approximately 15% by the 2050s and up to 22% by the 2080s.

Whilst individuals are being encouraged to reduce their water usage through a range of different measures, businesses also have an opportunity to minimise how much of this natural resource they consume, without having a negative impact on their operations.

The benefits of Nomix Total Droplet Control (TDC)

Systems such as Nomix TDC can support amenity users in proactively reducing their water consumption, without affecting the quality and longevity of their weed control.

The innovative system requires no water at the point of application as no product mixing is required. As the product is low-volume and ready to use, it supports professionals in reducing their freshwater usage whilst simultaneously delivering superior coverage.

On average, one 5-litre backpack of Nomix TDC herbicide will cover approximately 20 times the area of 5 litres of conventional mixed glyphosate applied through a knapsack.

Walked weed control using Nomix TDC also eliminates emissions at point of application, protecting the health of residents, operators and the wider environment. For further information on the water saving and wider benefits of Nomix TDC, please get in touch and one of our friendly team members will be more than happy to help and answer any questions you have.