Council gets on board with new weed control solution

A Local Authority has taken its fight against weeds to the next level with the purchase of a vehicle mounted spray unit from a UK leading supplier of weed control products and a British manufactured quad bike which is 100% electric and has zero emissions.

Walsall Council has purchased the Lithium Pure 2WD Eco Charger Quadbike with a Nomix VMU which has enabled their own Street Cleansing team to carry out their spraying programme on the highways’ areas across the borough.

They are using Nomix Hilite which is rain-fast within 30-60 minutes of application.

Nomix Enviro works with councils from all over the UK to provide support and advice on their weed control programmes. The use of Eco Charger E-ATV’s and Nomix Enviro products represents an evolution of Walsall Council’s approach to tackling weeds across the borough, with a focus on cost and time savings, as well as reducing the use of glyphosate while maintaining effective weed control.

Andrew Stokes, Operations Manager at Walsall Council, said: “We are always looking to find new ways to improve the efficiency and performance of our weed control service. Using an Eco Charger will have a major impact on this, and by working with Nomix it gives us the opportunity to get the maximum out of our weed control applications, while significantly reducing our water and glyphosate usage and reducing our costs.”

Nomix Enviro is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of products and technical support services for amenity and industrial weed control. Its unique Total Droplet Control system offers a range of benefits including requiring no water or product mixing, saving time and resources for customers.

The Total Droplet Control can drastically reduce glyphosate usage for customers: if two annual sprays with a conventional glyphosate herbicide are replaced with one mid-season application of Nomix product, the glyphosate applied during a full year can be reduced by up to 70%.

Peter Fooks, Commercial Manager at Nomix Enviro, said: “It’s been great to see our products used alongside Walsall Council’s new Eco Charger and we’ve had fantastic feedback from the customer.

“We will continue to provide support to Andrew and the team to ensure they are getting the maximum from their investment and that the people of Walsall see the results.”