Our Guide to Controlling Weeds with Herbicides in Amenity Areas

The world of weeds and herbicides can be a confusing place. At Nomix, we know a thing or two about how to control weeds using herbicides. So, we’ve put together this handy reference guide to help you get started.

What are the three different types of herbicides?

Herbicides can be broadly separated into three different categories:

  • Total herbicides – A total or non-selective herbicide will control both grasses and broadleaf species of weed. Examples of total herbicides include Hilite and Roundup Provantage.
  • Selective herbicides – Selective herbicide can control either broadleaf species or grasses without affecting the other. For example, at Nomix we sell selective herbicides that maintain grass but give good control of difficult-to-treat broadleaf weeds. Some examples of selective herbicides that can be used on grassland include Garlon Ultra and Synero, whereas Dicophar can be used to manage weeds on amenity turf, for example, sports pitches.  
  • Residual herbicides – A residual herbicide will offer extended-action, with long-lasting effects in controlling the regrowth of weeds in treated areas. Some examples of residual herbicides include Nomix Dual and Chikara. For more information on residual herbicides, read our guide to residual herbicides.

How can weeds affect amenity areas and why they should be controlled?

Weeds can affect amenity areas in lots of different ways. Not only can they affect the appearance of a street by looking unsightly, but they can also damage pavements and kerbs causing trip hazards. Large, unruly weeds can grow to obscure traffic signs, and it’s also common for weeds to affect the way water is drained, causing flooding and creating potential hazards.

We all know that – left untreated – weeds can grow and reproduce rapidly, especially if the weather is warm and damp. That’s why an effective weed control program is so important in controlling the growth and re-growth of weeds.

How can I control weeds in amenity areas?

Effective and safe control of weeds can be achieved with the right training, and by selecting the right herbicide and applicator.

Different areas will require different types of herbicides. For example:

  • Around water – Aquatic-approved herbicides can only be used in the vicinity of water.
  • Streets and pavements – Products used on streets and pavements must have hard surface approval.
  • Vegetation, shrub beds and graveled areas – Products used on vegetation, shrub beds and graveled areas must have the appropriate approval for where they are being used.
  • Sports turf – Choosing a selective herbicide is a great choice for use on sports turf, as it can help kill the weed without affecting the turf.

It’s also important to take account of the weed species being treated. For example, for difficult to control woody weeds Synero or Garlon Ultra can give good control. These are both examples of selective herbicides, which help to control the weed without destroying the surrounding grass. For stump control, Ecoplug Max offers a unique and highly effective means of control.

If you’d like to find out more information on which herbicide to use in which setting, just get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Do I need training to use professional herbicides in amenity areas?

Yes, all users of professional herbicides should have appropriate training; City and Guilds (NPTC) and LANTRA qualifications are recognised by HSE as meeting this requirement.

How to keep weeds under control in amenity areas?

Once you’ve addressed your weed control issue, it’s important to ensure you monitor areas closely for re-growth. By monitoring for re-growth, you can tackle weeds quickly and efficiently before they become a recurring problem and cause unwanted issues.

Using residual herbicides where possible can help to keep weeds at bay for months when the conditions are right, for more information on residual herbicides read our guide on residual herbicides.

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